Sunday, July 10, 2011

Parangtritis Beach

Parangtritis is the best tourist spots to enjoy the sunset while having fun conquering sand dunes with ATVs (All-terrain Vechile) or along the beach with a gig in a romantic twilight.

Parangtritis located 27 km south of Yogyakarta and easily accessible by public transport to operate up at 17:00, as well as private vehicles. Afternoon before sunset is the best time to visit the most popular beach in Yogyakarta. But if you arrive more quickly, it could not hurt to go up to Cliff Gembirawati behind this beach. From there we could see the whole area Parangtritis, south sea, to the boundary horizon.

Pssst, I will tell you a secret. Not many people know that on the east cliff is hidden a ruined temple. Unlike the other temples are located in mountainous areas, Temple Gembirawati only a few hundred meters from the lip Parangtritis. To reach this temple, we can get past the ramp near Hotel Queen of the South and into the path to the west about 100 meters. The faint roar of the ferocious waves of the southern ocean could be heard from this temple.

Parangtritis very closely with the legend of Ratu Kidul. Many Javanese believe that Parangtritis is a magical kingdom of Queen of South gate that controls the southern ocean. Hotel Queen of the South is a luxurious resort that is named according to this legend. Unfortunately, this resort is rarely open when used to have a view that could make us breathless.
Romantic sunset in Parangtritis

When the sun is inclined to the west and the sunny weather, it's time for fun. Although visitors are prohibited from swimming, Parangtritis not lack the means to having fun. On the beach there are rentals of ATV (All-terrain Vechile), the tariff is about Rp. 50000-100000 per half hour. Enter his gear and then release the clutch while pulling gas. Brrrrooom, four-wheeled all-terrain bike would take off takes you across the sand dune beaches.

Well, ATVs may only be suitable for those who are adventurous. Another option is the gig. A smooth surface along the raked sand waves with two-wheeled horse-drawn carriage is no less enjoyable. Hansom will take us to the east end Parangtritis place so beautiful cluster of coral spot is often used as a pre-wedding photo shoot. Twilight dim golden sun and shadow on the water surface generate a romantic atmosphere.

Parangtritis also offer excitement for those who travel with family. Kite-flying with your baby is equally enjoyable. Strong sea breeze which is very helpful to make a kite flying high, even if you have never played a kite though.

Still reluctant to go home even though the sun had set? Soon some roasted corn sellers will hold a mat on the beach, we can hang in there until late at night. Still did not want to go home? Do not worry, Parangtritis available in dozens of flights and accommodation at an affordable price.

Wedi Ombo Beach

Fishing from the cliff to get a big fish is certainly not a regular tourist. That experience can be obtained on the Beach Wediombo, along with the experience of tasting fish Ngalangi Panjo and witnessed the ceremony.

An imagination of the vast white sand that allows currency to freely telescoped into a variety of angles may appear to hear the beach named Wediombo (wedi = sand, Ombo = width). However, the actual beach Wediombo not have the vast expanse of sand. The west and east coast flanked by cliffs, sandy beaches make this area not Parangtritis, Glagah, or maybe Kuta.

The locals did reveal that the name of this beach is supplied by the ancestors did not correspond to the situation. There are express, this beach is more worthy of the name of the Gulf Ombo, because it resembles the gulf coast state wide. There are rocks that flank, the seawater protrudes into the mainland, but the area is relatively wider than usual bay.

But, beyond that is not quite right about the name, it still presents Wediombo superb coastal scenery. The water is still blue sea, unlike other tourist beaches have been contaminated until the water is green. White sand is still very well preserved, decorated with shells of abandoned kerangnya. The atmosphere is also very quiet beach, far from the noisy tourists sunbathing or passing vehicles. Place to remove saturated.

Wediombo Jepitu located in the Village, District Girisubo, Gunung Kidul. This beach is very easy to reach when previously have come to Siung. Simply return to the fork in Tepus before heading to Siung, then turn right follow the road until he found the sign turn right to go Wediombo.

The location of this beach is far more down than the surrounding land. Several dozen children had to descend the stairs before you can reach the beach and enjoy the beauty panorama. As he fell, on either side can be seen by some local residents fields, homes and mangrove vegetation that remains. Passing the population that carries the grass or taking care of cattle in the enclosure can also be found.

In addition to the marvelous panorama of the beach, Wediombo also offers a unique travel experience, even extreme, that is fishing in the height of the cliff. When this type of tourism that began fishing habits of the local population is being favored by hobbyists from the city of Yogyakarta and Wonogiri.

It is not easy to lure in the cliff, because they are too distant from the shore. The cliff was only accessible after walking eastwards along the shore, up and down the reef at the shoreline is steep, slippery and sometimes slammed big waves, then rises again until the top of the cliff face to face with the open sea. For those who have been accustomed to it, the way to the cliff could take an hour.

However, remarkable results can be harvested after it beat all odds. Local residents said the large-sized fish are often obtained by the local tourists. At a minimum, anglers will get a swordfish, or fish panjo in local terms. Fish whose length is equivalent to an adult human arm is a second type, which gilig shaped (cylindrical) were encountered during the dry season, while the flattened (flat) encountered during the rainy season.

For fishing, only capital in the form of fish bait that can even be found at seashore. Just use fishing line or a small net stretched, then the bait can be obtained. Cheap and easy, right?

For those who do not have enough guts to get to the cliff, buy fish bait may be quite satisfactory. Some fishermen sell their catch of fish panjo just for USD 3000.00 per head, or sometimes sold per bundle containing 5-6 fish for Rp 20,000. Some people offer to cook the fish if you want to taste it immediately. If not, the fish can be taken home outright, but certainly quite a hassle.

Package panjo fried fish dishes are also available. Rice, a fish that has been sliced ​​fried panjo little raw sauce and sold very cheap, only $ 7000.00. Rice served in small baskets, while the sauces in a mortar. This share is quite a lot, even for 2 people. I try these dishes at the stall which is located a few feet above the parking lot. There is also a sea urchin that tastes like fried chicken.

At certain moments, you can see Ngalangi ceremony that was held by locals. The ceremony is held once a year, similar ceremonies of the harbor, the goal is to express gratitude to God for the gift given and requested more fortune for the future. Grace is primarily the result of a number of decent catches of fish, until he could make ends meet.

The procession of the ceremony is unique, starting with events stretching gawar or nets made from tree wawar. This type of netting is reputedly used to catch fish before the nets of string that is used now. Gawar Kedongkowok stretched from hill to the tidal beach. Stretching done at high tide, the goal is to trap the fish that the waves carried away that he could not return to the ocean.

After the water receded, the fish taken. Residents then busy cleaning and cooking fish catches. Some small fish back into the ocean dilabuh with rice and offerings. Most other families are divided according to the number of local residents and delivered to homes. The event drove the fish into people's houses are often called kendurian large, the form of local wisdom that all fish are the fortune together.

Except Ngalangi ceremony, the whole charm of the beach can be enjoyed every day. Retribution enter the beach only $ 5000.00 for two people plus car parking. If you want to stay or hold a ceremony attended by a small group of people, there is a hut that is located not far from the stalls that lined the shore. Very exciting and able to make up for feeling tired when go to this beach.