Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Angkringan

Do you know a place where students in Yogyakarta, blogger and cyber communities like chatter, journalists, artists, humanists, a pedicab driver, until the vendors love to talk casually? If you studied in Yogyakarta, where you hold a discussion with friends about the theme of tasks? Among the places you mention must angkringan Lik Man, located north of Tugu railway station. Naturally, because the place has become a favorite of many people.

You can walk north from the Malioboro or Tugu Station to find a small road to the west, then turn. You'll find this famous place not far from the corner, precisely on the left side of the road. Characteristics, there are two baskets that are connected with bamboo, brazier with glowing coals, and a row of glass are laid out.

Angkringan Lik Man is legendary because the seller is the first generation of this famous traders in Yogyakarta, which generally come from Klaten. Lik Man whose original name was the son Mbah Siswo Raharjo Pairo, first angkringan traders in Yogyakarta who since the 1950s. Stall with this famous place used to be called 'ting ting hik' bequeathed to Lik Man in 1969. Since then, other angkringans mushroomed in Yogyakarta.

Once in this famous open at 18:00, you can order drinks on offer, hot or cold. The favorite beverage is coffee Joss, coffee is served with hot charcoal. Excess caffeine content of coffee is low because it neutralized by charcoal. Do not worry it's just a myth, because Kopi Joss was born from research students of Gadjah Mada University who often hang in Angkringan Lik Man.

A variety of food is also provided, there is a cat sego berlauk tempeh and stir until sauce fried anchovies and misbegotten (food from the compacted taste savory sticky rice) fuel. Sego cats in Angkringan Lik Man that cost Rp 1000.00 equally delicious with other dishes for fluffier rice and stir terinya sauce spiced tempeh and fitting. Enjoying sego cat who always served warm with a side dish of fried eggs or in addition to delicious satay is also not to spend much money. 

If you find food in the cold, you can ask the seller to warm by burning. Side dishes are more delicious when burned is mendoan (fried tempeh flour), tofu quid, Tempe bacem, endas (chicken head), and of course bitch. If not comfortable eating alone or with packets of rice you eat in large quantities, the seller angkringan provide comforting dish for your meal.

You can choose a seat in the two spaces provided. If you want to chat with the merchant, you can sit near the basket or brazier. Besides being able to tell by Lik Man, sitting near the basket will make it easier if you want to add food. But if you want more berakraban with friends, you can sit on a mat that was held lengthwise on the sidewalk across the street. No need to worry that not enough space for a long sidewalk that was called the mat almost 100 meters.

Sitting down, you are given the freedom to say anything. People often come to this famous place to talk about various things, from serious themes such as demonstrations and plan a theme issue of the magazine up to the light as a student where a holiday or just want to laugh not clear which is often referred to gojeg beggar. There was no formal ban, but which clearly need to maintain the culture of this famous, namely tepo sliro (tolerance), willingness to share and biso rumongso (keeping the feelings of others). Can be interpreted not have fought for space and respect to others sitting nearby.

A number of prominent figures have made Angkringan Lik Man as a place to enjoy the evening. There Butet Kertarajasa, Djaduk Ferianto, Emha Ainun Nadjib, Bondan Nusantara until Marwoto. So, you should not miss a night without a visit to the city of Yogyakarta Angkringan Lik Man. Enjoy the feel of a once enjoyed by many people in Yogyakarta and a number of figures mentioned above.

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