Sunday, July 10, 2011

Horse Cart "The Andong"

Horse cart or a buggy is one of the city of Yogyakarta typical means of transportation that is often encountered in the area Kotagede. Andong has another designation, namely the gig, gig, or sado. According to an anthropologist who has examined the carriage, the one thing that makes horse cart horse cart in Yogyakarta unlike in some other areas, such as in Surakarta and Cirebon, is in the form of smaller, even though the same four-wheeled. Judging from history, the buggy is a buggy which may only be used by the nobles, especially the king and his relatives. In the early nineteenth century until the early twentieth century, this buggy to be one marker of social status of the gentry (relatives) palace. It started when Mataram led by Sultan Hamengkubuwono VII (about the early 19th century). At that time, commoners are not allowed to use a horse cart. People generally only use a bullock cart or horse-drawn carriage (gig) as a two-wheeled transportation. In the next reign, Sultan Hamengkubuwono VIII, carriage gradually began to be used by the general public. Although still limited to the businessmen and traders only. Detailed descriptions of how buggy switching function, the royal palace of the vehicle to be a means of public transportation and tourism, can be found in the Railway Museum located in the west of Yogyakarta Palace. Now, a horse cart around town with interesting experiences that tourists will not find elsewhere. To enjoy this experience, tourists can choose carriage of interest. There are two types of Andong, Yogyakarta, although the same shape. First, the carriage can be said to be regular or non-travel carriage. And, second, wisata.Wisatawan carriage can easily identify the horse cart horse cart tours because it generally looks more clean, maintained, and relatively new. At the front, it is assigned to travel buggy carriage numbers are written for Java. In addition, tourists can observe the coachman carriage complete with clothing Java, namely blangkon, sorjan striated, and a pair of three-fourths the length of the foot are commonly encountered in front of colored hitam.Andong Kotagede market, because the place was often hung horse cart. Carriage tours can only be found in the city of Yogyakarta, because only amounted to 100 units. carriage rental for the price of non-dependent far-nearby tourist destination passengers.

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