Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pedicab "The Becak"

Pedicab (from Hokkien: chia be "chariot") is a three-wheeled mode of transportation that are commonly found in Indonesia and also in parts of Asia. Normal capacity is the rickshaws two passengers and a driver. Become a rickshaw driver is one way to get the most simple living, so the number of pedicab drivers in areas of high unemployment rates will be very high. Rickshaws banned in Jakarta in the late 1980s. The official reason, among others, at that time was that the rickshaw is the "exploitation of man by man", and replaced with Bajaj rickshaws, pedicabs.

In Indonesia there are two types of rickshaws are commonly used:
- Rickshaw with the driver behind. This species usually exist in Java.
- Rickshaw with the driver on the side. This species is usually found in Sumatra. For tricycles of this type can be subdivided into two sub-types, namely:
 - Pedal pedicabs - bicycle rickshaw that uses as a rudder.
 - Motorized pedicab / rickshaw engine - which uses a motorcycle rickshaw as a driver.

In some other countries there is still a rickshaw driver in front, as developed in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, which later developed this concept in the bajay taken from India in the 1970s.

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