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Boko Temple

Ratu Boko palace is a magnificent palace complex built in the 8th century. Grandest buildings that can be said of his era it was built by one of the relatives of the founders of Borobudur.

Ratu Boko palace is a magnificent building that was built during the reign of Rakai Panangkaran, one descendant dynasty dynasty. The palace was originally named Abhayagiri Vihara (meaning monastery on a peaceful hill) was built for seclusion and focus on spiritual life. Being in this palace, you can feel the peace as well as see the sights of the city of Yogyakarta and Prambanan temple in the background of Mount Merapi.

This palace is located 196 meters above sea level. Area of ​​250,000 m 2 area of ​​the palace is divided into four, namely central, west, southeast, and east. The middle section consists of building the main gate, field, Combustion Temple, pond, stone berumpak, and Paseban. Meanwhile, the southeast part includes Hall, Hall-Hall, three temples, ponds, and the princess complex. Complex cave, Buddha Stupa, and ponds located on the east. While the western part consists only of the hills.

If you enter from the gate of the palace, you'll go directly to the center. Two high arches will welcome you. The first gate has three entrances while the second has 5 doors. If you are careful, on the first gate will be found the word 'Panabwara'. The word, according to the inscriptions of Central Wanua III, written by Rakai Panabwara, (descendants of Rakai Panangkaran) which took over the palace. The objective is to legitimize his power, to give 'power' more glorious and signaled that the building was the main building.

About 45 meters from the second gate, you will see a temple made of white stones so-called Temple of White Stone. Not far from there, you will also find Combustion Temple. The temple is a square (26 meters x 26 meters) and has 2 terraces. As the name implies, the temple was used for burning bodies. In addition to the temple, a stone berumpak and pool will be found later if you walk about 10 meters from the Temple Combustion.

The well is full of mystery will be encountered when running to the southeast of the Temple Combustion. That said, the well was named Amrita Mantana which means holy water given spell. Now, the water is still often used. Local people say that the water can bring luck to the wearer. While the Hindus used it to great Tawur ceremony the day before Nyepi. Water use in the ceremony is believed to support the goal, namely to purify themselves and to return the earth and its contents on the initial harmony. I suggest you visit the Prambanan Temple, one day before Nyepi day to see the ceremony process.

Stepping into the eastern part of the palace, you'll see two caves, a large pool measuring 20 meters x 50 meters and a Buddhist stupa that sits quietly. Two caves were formed from sedimentary rock called breccia stones. The cave, which is more up called Gua Lanang under the so-called Cave Wadon. Right in front of Cave Lanang there is a pool and three stupas. Based on a study, it is known that the stupa was Aksobya, one of the Buddhist Pantheon.

Although founded by a Buddhist, this palace has Hindu elements. It can be seen in the presence of Linga and Yoni, Ganesha statues, and gold plate that reads "Om namah swaha Rudra yes" as a form of worship of the god Rudra is another name for Lord Shiva. The existence of Hindu elements that prove the existence of religious tolerance that is reflected in architectural works. Indeed, when it Rakai Panangkaran who are Buddhists living side by side with the followers of Hinduism.

Few people know that this palace is the witness of the initial triumph in the land of Sumatra. Balaputradewa had fled the palace before the Sumatra when it was attacked by Rakai Pikatan. Balaputradewa rebelled because they felt as the second person in the administration of Old Mataram Kingdom due to Pramudhawardani Pikatan Rakai marriage (brother Balaputradewa. After he was defeated and fled to Sumatra, before he became king in the kingdom of Srivijaya.

As a heritage building, the Palace of Queen Boko is unique among other relics. Other buildings are generally in the form of temple or shrine, then the name implies it shows characteristics of a residence. It is shown from the poles and roofs of buildings made of wood, even though we can only see remains of stone building. Investigate the palace, then you will get more, one of the most beautiful sunset scenery. An American tourist said, "This is the most beautiful sunset on earth."

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