Sunday, July 10, 2011

The "Kaki Lima Shops"

Yogyakarta is known as a paradise after the Bali handicraft. In Jogja, you can not only buy a wide assortment of crafts, but also can see the manufacturing process.

Jogja probably been transformed as a shopping destination city in central Java. Every weekend or holiday thousands of domestic tourists thronged the city of Yogyakarta to shop after visiting the attractions there.

The main shopping area in Yogyakarta there along Malioboro street. Various kinds of goods sold here, from low quality to quality goods. Hundreds of shops lined along this road, some of these shops still retain their original architecture. Unique and interesting! On this road there are also Malioboro Mall, major shopping center in Jogja

Throughout the day on a sidewalk along the sidewalk traders tireless offer their wares to passersby. Starting from clothes, shoes, handicrafts, and others. Expertise required to bargain with them, so as not to get a price that is too expensive.

The second shopping center in Jogja is along Jalan Solo. The atmosphere in this way hanpir similar to Malioboro, shops lined on either side of the road with sidewalk vendors crammed into the pavement. A stand at the west end of Mall Road Solo the Galeria mall.

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